Executive Director:

Valerie Lovelace (Westport)

I am an intuitive healer with a perceptive ability to help people find their way to well-being. My life experiences lead me to believe all things are possible. It is with this open-minded approach that I first embraced natural medicines in 2004.

I’m educated in classical homeopathy, vibrational essences, Reiki, and other forms of energetic work. I provide support to clients and their families throughout the entire journey from diagnosis to death.

In January 2009 I shared a deep and profoundly healing experience with my little sister who was dying of cancer at the very young age of forty-nine. I believe that dying is as sacred and as significant as birthing and living. What we shared was awe inspiring albeit deeply saddening. Together we made room for our grief and honored the final steps of her journey in an amazing way.

I founded IMD to fulfill a promise I made to her: to teach people how to be with dying.

Board of Directors 2019

Nancy Long, President (Winslow)

Lynne Tobin, Treasurer (Boothbay)

Pamela Fischer, Recording Secretary (New Gloucester)

What is it about the idea of death that sends most of us quickly onto another subject? Why do we avoid gathering in-depth knowledge and planning for something that will happen to every one of us and every one of our loved ones?

I have had the honor of sharing last remaining days with some very special people. With all of these profound journeys, I wanted to know more, do more, be more, for the next one to come. Including my own. What a gift it is to actively explore the art, science, and mystery of dying and open the dialogue so that each of us can choose our truth.

Roberta Beavers (South Berwick)

Chuck Lakin (Waterville)