Individual Services

IMD’s individual services are for those who want a natural approach to their dying.  Many folks don’t have access to natural medicines or holistic practices, nor the resources at end-of-life to pay for a practitioner.

Natural medicines like homeopathy are an excellent, non-toxic way to augment conventional palliative care, and may help with physical and/or emotional end-of-life concerns.

Our non-profit business model makes natural care accessible and affordable for every budget.



IMD offers in-depth workshops on the aid-in-dying debate, gate-keeping (an advocacy practice for your dying loved one), and other end-of-life topics.

Never under estimate the value of coming together to honestly discuss a touchy or taboo subject.  How else do we learn from one another?  That kind of vulnerability allows us to transform experiences within ourselves and with others.

Contact us to help you put together just the right program for your neighborhood, group, or organization.


Community Discussion

One of the best ways to overcome death angst is to talk about dying and death in very real, personal terms.  We use a combination of films, activities, and facilitated discussion to provide information and help people find meaning against the back-drop of their own life experiences.

Amazing things begin to happen when people share their stories and experiences.



Let us help you create and carry out a celebration that reflects what’s most important to you.  Ceremony both before and after death can be a wonderful platform for healing rituals and a beautiful way to honor having walked on this Earth.