Maine Death with Dignity was originally established as a Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2017 to get a Death with Dignity law passed in Maine, either by referendum or legislation. Led by a partnership between IMD and the Death with Dignity National Center, Maine Death with Dignity grew to over 160 volunteers.

The initiated bill was drafted by IMD, the Death with Dignity National Center, Representative Patty Hymanson (D), York, and former Senator Roger Katz (R), Kennebec. The movement gathered 72,076 valid signatures between May 2018 and April 2019. After being re-elected to the House, Representative Hymanson sponsored the initiated bill during the first half of the 129th legislature, where it was printed as LD 1313.

LD 1313, An Act to Enact the Maine Death with Dignity Act, was signed into law on June 12, 2019 by Governor Janet Mills after passing two separate votes in the House and Senate.

Visit Maine Death with Dignity to learn more about this important effort.