Dying in DC?  Don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Many are not aware that the citizens of Washington DC do not enjoy the same representation in local and federal government that the 50 states enjoy. Because of that, these guys (who are not affected by the law and who do not have a relationship to the people of Washington DC) are able to exert their personal opinions and beliefs over the desires and due process of the city council and local government.

Presently, six states enjoy an end-of-life freedom having the option to obtain medical aid-in-dying if they qualify and their physicians are willing to support them.  Colorado recently enacted a Death with Dignity law by the choice of the people through referendum.  That measure passed by a 65% vote, reflecting what most polls see: about two-thirds of the voting population believe a qualified, dying patient should have the option to obtain medical-aid-in-dying from their physician if the doc is willing to support their request.

The attempt by federal government to intervene in Washington DC’s case may have farther-reaching implications.

Spoiler Alert:

One of the federal representatives attempting to block the law in Washington DC happens to be a physician whose personal beliefs are in opposition.  So he thinks he can exert that influence over the folks in Washington DC, even if their Washington DC physician has no problem supporting them.  Go figure.

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