The Power of Grass Roots

I am inspired by the ever-growing network of Maine’s death-conscious citizens.  Whether it’s downsizing and getting one’s affairs in order, handling our own dead, Death Cafe discussions on every mortality topic under the sun, funeral consumer advocacy, or enthusiastic activism in politics, Maine’s mortality-friendly grass roots are spreading faster than dandelions or Creeping Charlie.

Terrific things are happening with Becky’s Bill, LD 347, An Act to Support Death with Dignity.  IMD proudly plays an educational role in the state, helping people understand the legislative process and the history of aid-in-dying legislation.

Grass Roots volunteers in Maine are outdoing themselves

Grass Roots volunteers in Maine are outdoing themselves with creative, energetic ways to heighten awareness and bring focus to the legislative process.  Dedicated folks all over the state are conducting letter-writing campaigns.  They are meeting with lawmakers, preparing testimony, and writing to the papers.  They are donating theater space for film screenings, and advocating with friends, family, physicians, other health care and pharmacy providers, and clergy.  Getting this bill passed has strong personal meaning for many.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

To stay informed, please sign up for updates at any or all of these sites:

Finally, if you are willing, please consider donating to at least one of the organizations above.  That can be done from the respective websites.  These efforts require funding.  None of us can do this important work without financial support.  

Your donations do make a difference.

With deep gratitude for your mortal presence and participation.  Until Death us do part.

Val Lovelace
Executive Director