Elections Come, Elections Go

Elections are Over and Guess What?  You’re Still Going to Die.

lotusWell, there we have it. Although there may have been times when all the campaigning, positioning, bashing, and political banter sounded like a matter of life and death, truly it never came close to being a matter of life and death.

“I’ll just DIE if [pick a candidate] becomes president.” Nope. Something else will kill you, but it won’t be the election results.

“It’ll kill me if [pick a candidate] ends up being my Senator.” Truly, it won’t kill you.

I don’t think I can live with [you guessed it: pick a candidate] as my [name any office you want].

Whether you like it or not, you’ll go on living with it, or kicking and screaming with it, but it won’t mean your demise. Something will, someday it will, maybe sooner rather than later it will…but there isn’t much about a campaign (at least not in the United States) that will kill you. Not yet, anyway. And I hope we never go there.

What does kill you? Studies have shown that the absolute leading cause of death is being born. Life is what kills you. Being on the planet in a meat suit–THAT is what kills you.

The truth is, we’ve had good presidents and bad presidents, We’ve had winners and losers in political power, and in the end it’s human resilience that prevails. It’s loving kindness, compassion, and wholeheartedness. It’s choosing consciously and purposefully a balanced way of being in the world, knowing at the cellular level that your personal timepiece is winding down, one in-breath-out-breath at a time.

I love the medical terms for in-breath (inspire) and out-breath (expire). Even as we inhale, our body systems charge and renew, inspired with sweet air–some say our first food. And exhaling, or expiring, facilitates a just-as-sweet letting go of that which cannot sustain oxygen breathers.

This cycle is actually one of transformation on a grander scale. The atoms entering your lungs have moved in and out of every other lung on the planet, since the beginning of lungs. Indeed, through the skies, the waters, the plants and the soil, and every other form on the planet.

Can you imagine it?

Sit somewhere quietly in a beautiful place, and breathe the planet. Allow yourself to know you are being nurtured by this entire planet and everything living on it right now, as well as anything that has ever lived on it.

The in-breath you take right now once inspired Einstein, Attila the Hun, and the Dinosaurs.  Through all beings living right now (yes, even through Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton).  It’s been through all beings long extinct.

And so, too, you nurture with your out-breathe in exchange. Your breath creates.

The thoughts you have or the words you carry in your mouth float out upon your breath into the world. What do you deliver on your breath? What are you creating? What do you receive as you drink the air around you?

It isn’t always easy to hold that kind of balance, I know.

But it’s a good goal to embrace. One in-breath-out-breath at a time.